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Islamization of Knowledge: Conceptual Background, Vision and Tasks PDF Print E-mail


Section One: Conceptual Background

Section Two: The Islamic Vision of Knowledge

Section Three: The Tasks Ahead of the Islamization of Knowledge Programme


The IIIT (International Institute of Islamic Thought) in Nigeria, in conjunction with the Muslim Forum of Bayero University, Kano, jointly organized and conducted a one day seminar on the Islamization of Knowledge. The seminar took place on 5 Rabi' a1 - Awwal, 1417 (20 July 1996). It was one of a series of programme designed for faculty outreach. Therefore, academic staff in the various faculties of the University were invited and constituted the primary audience.

The paper clearly analyzed the position and importance of knowledge in Islam, the aim of acquiring knowledge in Islam, Islamic source of knowledge, classification of knowledge in Islam, Islamic view about the Universality of Knowledge and the characteristics of knowledge in Islam. It then discussed the significance and implications of the Islamic vision of knowledge to the Islamization of knowledge programme. The thoroughness, brilliance and excellence of the paper motivated the IIIT (Nigeria) Office to request Bro. Salisu Shehu to expand some of the sub-themes, especially on the tasks ahead for the Islamization of knowledge programme, with a view to publishing it. This booklet is the outcome of Bro. Salisu Shehu's vision which has been edited. This is then the pioneering book on Islamization of knowledge to be published by IIIT (Nigeria) office. In sha Allah another paper will be published in the same way.

The primary aim of the seminar was to educate and mobilize Muslim academicians in the University towards the Islamization of knowledge programme. It has been observed that, although a number of departments in the University offer Islamically oriented courses and several papers had been presented in some departments and even some international seminars, many academic staff still do not have a proper understanding of the idea behind the Islamization of knowledge. For this reason, all the papers presented focused on the concept of Islamization of Knowledge itself. One of the papers presented is Salisu Shehu's entitled, "Islamic Vision of Knowledge: Its implications and Significance to the Islamization of Knowledge Programme". This paper elucidated the conceptual basis'of the Islamization of knowledge which centres on the Islamic vision of knowledge.


Section One: Conceptual Background
Two Opposing Worldviews
a) The Islamic Worldview
b) The Western Secular Worldview,
Muslim World and Secular Education
The Need for Islamization of Knowledge
The Meaning of Islamization of Knowledge

Section Two: The Islamic Vision of Knowledge
Position of Knowledge in Islam
Aim of Acquiring Knowledge in Islam
Islamic View on the Source of Knowledge
Classification of Knowledge in Islam
Universality of Knowledge: the Islamic View
Characteristics of Knowledge in Islam
Methods of Knowledge in Islam
Implications of the Islamic Vision of Knowledge to the IK Programme

Section Three: The Tasks Ahead of the Islamization of Knowledge Programme
a) Formulating an Islamic Theory of Knowledge Based on the Qur'an and Sunnah
b) Formulating and Establishing Islamically Based Contents and Infrastructure of Knowledge
c) Production of Islamically Conscious Teaching Force (Personnel)
d) Laying Down Plans and Strategies for Successful Implementation