Islamization of Education in the Philippines

Every society, whether it is simple or complex, has a distinctive pattern of transmitting cultural values and norms to its young and potential members. Some people have used the instrumentality of education as the central nerve of a community’s existence not only for the preservation of their cultural values but also to impose such on others. The imposition of alien cultures and values and its impact are still apparent in most Muslim societies. It has directly or indirectly influenced the writings of Muslim intellectuals particularly in the field of education. This is quite obvious in their emphasis on the development and importance of society, politics and law rather than individual, mind or the soul. The characteristics of an ideal society and the foundation of education as envisaged by Islam were challenged by Western theories and philosophies. Not to exaggerate the social realities that Muslim communities are now experiencing, some writers observed that Muslims have enslaved their body and soul to their respective colonial masters. Prior to the emergence of Islamic revivalism in the Muslim world, the basic structures of Islamic education are constantly revised and changed following the popular trends and changes coming from the west.

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