A Survey of Christian Religious Education in the United States

Abstract : Prior to the landmark Supreme Court decision of June 1963, which banned public prayer from the public schools, Christian religious education was often a routine part of the overt instruction provided by the American public school system. However, in the wake of that legal milestone, even though instruction in the Judeo-Christian interpretation of religious history continued to be taught covertly, American churches began relying more heavily on providing Christian religious education. This article briefly presents Christianity’s contemporary status in the United States and reviews such religious education methods as Sunday school, vacation Bible school, Christian youth groups, catechism, private Christian schools, Youth Sunday, and children’s sermons. The survey concludes with a look at the growing interface between such education and the lessons of psychology as well as training and certifying Christian religious educators.

Relevance of Shiblī’s educational philosophy

Abstract: Shibli Nuímani, a late 19th century scholar, advocated a balanced educational philosophy for the Muslims in India. While most of hiscontemporaries wanted to teach traditional education to make Muslims retaintheir religious identity in the changed political situation, others stressed onmodern science and learning to face the challenges of modernity. TraditionalIslamic education aimed at the attainment of virtues while pursuing knowledgeas an obligation and produced scientists and philosophers but these promotersof traditional education were ignorant of the demands of their time, whereasthe modernist group considered traditional education unnecessary. Shibli usedhistory and kal...m to teach Muslims the unique characteristics of Islamiceducation and stressed that both groups need to make the Qurí...n their mainguide and urged the ëulam...í to take the lead.

Keywords: educational philosophy, modernity, ëulam...í, curriculum, tradition,reformation

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