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Proposed research agenda in Islamic perspectives on management studies

Abstract : This paper is a modest attempt to delineate some directions for research in the emerging field of Islamic perspectives to management studies. A case is built up initially by establishing that such research is scanty and then the reasons for scholarly disinterest and the measures possible to deal it with are discussed. The central theme of the paper is built on a typology of approaches. These four approaches have been expressed in colloquial terms as the “dig the gold”, “chinks in the armor”, “delve deeper”, and the “hands-on” approaches. Simultaneously, four directions of research are identified in terms of the environment, organization, relationship of the organization to the environment, and the effective management of organizations. A research framework is evolved on the basis of these four directions. When the research framework is meshed with the research approaches, a broad canvas for research emerges which then leads to the identification of research issues. The paper proceeds to propose certain other aspects for research agenda in terms of the levels of analyses, choice of research design, research methods and time frame.

JEL classification: M10, Z12  Key words: Islamic perspective; Research in management studies, Islamization of knowledge

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