Economics and Business

Course Outline: Marketing Management

Md. Shariful Haque
Assistant professor, DBA
International Islamic University Chittagong Dhaka Campus

Paper presented at a Follow-up Workshop on Curriculum Reform
9 November, 2008, Dhaka University

Course Objective

Marketing Management: An Islamic Perspective is a focused course for Business Programs like BBA and MBA. Here the students will discover the relation of Islam with Marketing aspects or Marketing field of study. This course will help the students to be outfitted and conceived with the theories and practices of Islamic Marketing. It is projected that after completion of this course the learners will be able to make distinctions between demerits of conventional  Marketing Practices  and merits of Islamic Marketing Practices which they can apply  in their work places to gain the peace and prosperity here and hereafter.
An endeavor has been engaged in this course to cover almost all the topics that a student of Islamic Business should know. The topics to be covered and the names of references to be consulted during this course are mentioned below.

Chapter – 1: Islamic Marketing and Its Core Concepts

Ø Definition of Marketing: Conventional and Islamic
Ø The Structure of a Market in Islamic Architecture (Ref: )
Ø Core Concepts of Marketing: Islamic Viewpoints
           *Need, want and demand
           *Value, satisfaction
           *Product, services
           *Exchange, transaction and relationship.
Ø Marketing Management Orientations: Similarities and Dissimilarities with Islam
Ø Holistic Marketing Concept, 
Ø Societal Marketing Concept
Ø Production concept
Ø Product concept
Ø Selling concept
Ø Marketing concept
Ø Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Islam
Ø Technology, Islam and Marketing

Chapter – 2: Strategic Marketing Planning Concepts in Islam

— Definitions of Strategy, Plans and Tactics and their Affiliation with Islam – Concepts of Hikmah
— Steps of Strategic Planning in Islam, mission ,objectives, portfolio
— Portfolio Approach: Conventional and Islamic Approach
— Product Market Expansion Grid: Conventional Approach and Islamic Approach
— Marketing Mix in Islam (4Ps, 6Ps and 7Ps or 4Cs)

 Chapter – 3: Consumer Behavior or Buying Decisions in Islam

— Participants in business buying process.
— Institutional and government markets
— Buying on the internet.

Chapter – 4: Segmentation Targeting and Positioning in Islam

— Shariah Views in Segmenting the Market (Buyers)
— Shariah views in Targeting the Market (Buyers)
— Shariah Views in Market Positioning 
— Value Proposition in Islam
— Differentiation concepts in Islam
  Product Differentiation
  Service Differentiation
  Personnel Differentiation
  Channel Differentiation
  Image Differentiation

Chapter – 5: Pricing Concepts & Strategies in Islam

— Pricing approaches in Islam
  - Cost Based Approach
  - Cost –Plus & Break Even Approach
  - Value Based Approach
  - Competition Based Approach
   Going rate 
   Sealed Bid
— Pricing strategies
     - Market Skimming

Chapter – 6: Advertising in Islam and Guidelines for Ads in Islam

— Concepts of Advertising in Islam
— Use of Media for Advertising
— Cost of Media in Advertising
— Advertising Strategies in Islam

Chapter – 7: Sales Promotion Concept in Islam

— Concepts of Sales Promotion in Islam
— Consumer Promotion
— Trade Promotion
— Business Promotion
— Sales Force Promotion

Chapter – 8:Public Relation in Islam

— Concept of Public Relation in Islam
— Significance of Public Relation
— Prophet’s practices of Public Relations
— Associate’s practices of public Relations
— Heading of Rumors through PR

Chapter – 9: Socially Responsible Marketing  in Islam

— Concept of SRM in Islam
— Instances of Social Responsibility in Islam
— SRM Objectives and Strategies and its’ application in marketing

Chapter – 10: Ethical Perspectives in Marketing  with reference to Islamic view point

— Ethics in Islam
— Sources of Ethics
— Ethical Aspects of Marketing
— Handling of Criticisms through Islamic ethical Practices

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