Economics and Business

Course Outline: Islamic Marketing System (IMS)

Md. Shariful Haque
Assistant Professor in Marketing, Department of Business Administration
International Islamic University Chittagong, Dhaka Campus
Cell: +8801712262949; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Total Credit Hour: 3 (Proposed)

  1. Marketing and its Core Concepts
  • Definition: Conventional and Islamic
  • The Structure of a Market in Islamic Architecture (Ref: )
  • Core Concepts of Marketing: Islamic Viewpoints
  • Marketing Management Orientations: Similarities and Dissimilarities with Islam
    • Holistic Marketing Concept, and
    • Societal Marketing Concept
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Islam
  • Technology, Islam and Marketing
  1. Strategic Marketing Planning in Islamic Viewpoints
  • Definitions of Strategy, Plans and Tactics and their Affiliation with Islam
  • Steps of Strategic Planning in Islam
  • Portfolio Approach: Conventional and Islamic Approach
  • Product Market Expansion Grid: Conventional Approach and Islamic Approach
  • Marketing Mix in Islam (4Ps, 6Ps and 7Ps or 4Cs)
  1. Consumer Behavior or Buying Decisions in Islam
  2. Segmentation Targeting and Positioning in Islam
  3. Pricing Concepts in Islam
  4. Advertising in Islam and Guidelines for Advertising in Islam
  5. Sales Promotion Concept in Islam
  6. Public Relation in Islam
  7. Socially Responsible Marketing (CRM) and Islam
  8. Ethical Perspectives in Marketing and Islam

References :
4) Haque Md. Shariful and Khan Md. Moazzam Hossain. “An Islamic View of Promotional Mix: A study on Advertising” Compilation on Islamic Management, 1st ed. , BIIT, 2008
5) (Pricing)
6) (Concept of Social Responsibility in Islam)
7) Chowdhury Nuruddin. Ethical Marketing: A comparative Analysis of Traditional and Islamic Thought, 
8) Karim Nurul. CU. Protection of consumer right through Islamic Approach in Bangladesh: Issue and Challenges in 21st century in a new global order

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