Economics and Business

Course Outline: Reform on the Discipline of Finance


  1. Structure of commercial banking system.
    2. Role of commercial banks in the economic development.
    3. Banking system in Bangladesh.
    4. Organization and management of commercial banks.
    5. Deposits of commercial banks.
    6. Commercial banks lending and investment portfolio.
    7. Earnings, expenses, profitability of commercial banks.
    8. Capital structure and safety of commercial banks.
    9. Reserves and liquidity requirements of commercial banks.
    10. General accounting system in commercial banks.
    11. Bankers and customer relationships.
    12. Central banking.
    13. Specialized Banking system: Islamic Bank, BSB, BSRC. Grameen Bank and others.

Specially Focus on : “Islamic Banking System”
Definitions, Origins and Development of Islamic Banking, Principles of Islamic Banking, Islamic Banking in Bangladesh, Islamic Banking Regulations in Bangladesh, 
q Open Discussion: Problems, Prospects and Contributions of different Islamic Banks in Bangladesh, Comparison

1. S.A.Shakoor, “ A Handbook of Bank Management: With Particular Reference to Bangladesh Monograph”
2. The Bangladesh Banks (Nationalisation) Order, 1972.
3. Edward. Reed and Edward K Gill “ Commercial Banking”, Prentice Hall, New Jersy.
4. Islamic Banking and Insurance, IERB, Dhaka.
5. IBBL-Risk Analysis\Islamic Banking and Finance.htm



  1. Introduction
    2. Financial Statement Analysis
    3. Financial Forecasting
    4. Operating and Financial Leverage
    5. Working Capital Management
    6. Management of cash, marketable securities and accounts receivable
    7. Short-term Financing
    8. The time value of money
    9. Cost of Capital
    10. Capital Budgeting
    11. Risk Analysis and Capital Budgeting

Specially Focus on : “Finance Under Islamic Perspective”

Topic covered : The Shari’ah and Its Implications for Islamic Financial Analysis
q The Prohibition of Riba in Islam
q Some Issue in Risk Management
q The Operation of the Modern Financial Markets for Stocks and Bonds and Its Relevance to an Islamic Economy
q Problems and Prospects of Financing Rural Micro-enterprise Projects under Rural Micro-enterprise Projects under Islamic Shar’iah: Bangladesh Perspective

1. J J Hampton, Financial Decision Making, Prentice- Hall International Inc., Englewood Cliffs.
2. E F Brigham, Financial Management: Theory and Practice, Dryden Press, Hinsdale
3. I M Pandey, Financial Management, Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd., New Delhi.
4. M Y Khan and P K Jain, Financial Management: Text and Problems, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited, New Delhi.
5. Articles of renown authors: 
-  Chapra, M, Umar. “  The Prohibition of Riba in Islam: An Evaluation of Some Objectives 1:2/23 AJISS
-  Raquibuz Zaman, M, “ Some Issue in Risk Management”. 5:2/263 AJISS
-  Problems and Prospects of Financing Rural Micro-enterprise Projects under Rural Micro-enterprise Projects under Islamic Shar’iah: Bangladesh Perspective ( Prof. Dr. S.M. Ather & Prof. Dr. Muhammad Loqman)
-  Iqbal, Zamir, “ The Benchmark Issue in the Islamic Financial System.” 16:2/45 AJISS.

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