Economics and Business

Islamization of Knowledge with Special References to The Courses of The Faculty of Business Administration

Dr. Md Golam Mohiuddin,
Associate Professor, Dept of Management
Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh. 
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Paper presented at a workshop on Islamic Epistemology & Curriculum Reform 
2-3 May, 2008 at Islamic University Kustia. 

A Brief Proposal for Islamization of the  Courses of Management Department at Islamic University Kushtia
There is an ample opportunity to Islamize management courses. According to the Holy Quran, Holy prophet (SAW) and companions (RA) faced a lot of problems in managing the Islamic state and they solved these problems by introducing divine principles and guidance given by Allah (SWT). Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) contributions and the contributions of four caliphs were great to the development of management. Management is applied in attaining the objectives of family life, society, national, international organizations.

  1. A) Existing courses structures of Management Department:

Existing courses curriculum of Management department are not unislamic, but I want to say about Islamic value based courses and concepts which is the main mission of this university according to it Statutes, Acts and other legal documents. There are so many Islamic Universities in Bangladesh. They have introduced different Islamic value based department and courses in their Business Faculties. For example in University Islamic Science Malaysia they have introduced a department entitled Dept of Dawah and Islamic Management. Besides these different pure applied Islamic courses they have introduced in different name at BBA and MBA levels. In Islamic University Kushtia there are near about forty courses have been taught in Management Department of Business Faculty. Among them the following two courses are thoroughly Islamic

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