Economics and Business

Muslim Scholars on Islamic Economic

:: Islamic Economic Thought 
:: Recent Works on History of Economic Thought in Islam: A Survey 
:: Economic Thought of 'Abd Allah Harith Al-Muhasibi 
:: Economic Thought of Ibn Hazm 
:: Economic Thought of Nizam Al-Mulik Al-Tusi 
:: Al-Ghazali on Economic Issues and Some Ethico-Juristic Matters Having Implications for Economic Behaviour 
:: Economic Significance in Ibn Tufayl's Philosophy 
 :: Economic Concepts of Ibn Taimiyyah 
:: Economic Thought of Ibn Qayyim 
:: Al-Shatibi's Objectives of Shariah and Some Implications for Consumer Theory 
:: Al-Kharaj and Related Issues: A Comparative Study of Early Islamic Scholarly Thought and Their Receptiveness by Western Economists 
:: Ibn Khaldun's Analysis of Economic Issues 
:: Ibn Khaldun, Father of Economics

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