Economics and Business

Course Outline: Islamic Accounting

Prof. Dr. Md Jahirul Hoque
Head, Dept of Business Administration, IIU Chittagong, Dhaka Campus                              

Afzal Ahmad   
Lecturer, IIU Chittagong, Dhaka Campus  
Paper presented at a Follow-up Workshop on Curriculum Reform
9 November, 2008, Dhaka University

Islamization of Knowledge: An Agenda for Muslim Intellectuals

Human beings have a keen interest in learning. It is a pre-historic human instinct.  Man wants to analyze a phenomenon to achieve a true knowledge about it. They want to see its essence through incessant questioning and take part in dialogue to clarify their views. In course of history, many types of epistemology, philosophy, and method of thought and methodology have evolved. Only revealed knowledge can offer ultimate relief to man. However, there are some deceitful men who hide the truth to keep the common mass in ignorance. They manipulate knowledge for their own vested interest and they preserve self-interest, greed and malice to fetter people with ignorance. The knowledge  and the science,  which are not used for  the betterment of mankind, rather for destruction, cannot be the true knowledge and true science.

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