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Role of Fiscal Policy in Controlling Inflation in Islamic Framework


A focus on inflation presumes inflation is high. The situation in the developed countries has, however, changed recently, provoking some to proclaim the death of inflation. The situation in the developing countries remains worrisome but, excepting a few countries, no longer alarming. So what is the need for discussing the role of fiscal policy in controlling inflation, in Islamic framework? Two reasons to do so. Firstly, to reassure ourselves, and those who care that this problem too can be handled in Islamic way if and when the need arises. Secondly, insofar as the Islamic developing countries are concerned inflation remains high enough to press for a solution.

In what follows we define inflation. Then we describe fiscal policy and explain what is meant by Islamic framework. We note some characteristics of fiscal policy which make it less effective in controlling inflation once it is there even though it can be an effective tool for preventing inflation from occurring. Briefly mentioning other faster acting ways of controlling inflation we also have a glance at Islamic history, how price rises were handled. In conclusion we prefer a fiscal policy oriented towards supply augmentation over the one focused on demand management.

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