Opening Speech by Dr. Taha Jabir : Towards the Construction of a Contemporary Islamic Educational Theory

AI-salamu alaikum wa rahamatu Allah wa barakatuh:

Praise be to Allah and prayer and peace be on our prophet Muhammad and his Household, companions, followers and those who follow him and abide by his guidance until the Day of Judgement.

On this blessed day, the second day of the new Hijrah year, the international Institute of Islamic Thought is pleased to start its second academic participation in dear Jordan only one year after its first participation with the Royal Academy for Islamic Civilization Research­Al al-Bait-Foundation. In the symposium entitled: "Prophet Muhammad's Sunnah: Source of Knowledge, Culture and Civilization", which was held last summer. That conference had healthy effects most important of which may be to draw the attention of scholars and researchers to the prophet's Sunnah in this regard and to enhance the idea of using divine inspiration as a source of knowledge, culture, education, civilization, urbanization, and progress after Muslims had for a long time regarded divine inspiration as the source of Sharia rules only. On the other hand, they were used to import ready­made social and human knowledge with all its unhealthy dimensions from the west. These dimensions include looking to divine inspiration as myth, and considering scientific knowledge in all fields as any tangible piece of information subjected to experiment as defined by UNESCO.

 The Royal Academy's hospitality and fruitful cooperation by the gentlemen responsible for running its affairs, including its president, council, administration and members was an encouraging motive for our institute to discuss more intellectual, cultural and scientific cooperation with Jordanian academic and cultural institutions. Today we are holding this distinguished academic gathering in collaboration with three Jordanian academic institutions which are:

 The Islamic Studies and Research Society, Yarmouk University and University of Mutah. Without the cooperation of these three blessed institutions, this propitious colloquium would not have come to light.

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