Features of Constructing Islamic Educational Theory

Dr. Miqdad Yelcin
School of Social Sciences, Imam Mohammad Bin Saud Islamic University-Riyadh

In our preface, we outlined the importance of unveiling and building the Islamic education theory. Building or unveiling a theory in any field is rather important for researchers, since the theory would guide studies in a certain direction, and help in developing that certain discipline, while helping in explaining operations, procedures and steps of research. As a result, researchers could justify and defend whatever steps they have taken in accordance with the theory.

Building or unveiling a theory on Islamic education, whether from old sources of our heritage or from Quranic verses and the Prophet's hadith, is rather important.

It is not easy to build a theory or unveil it. This needs a specialized lengthy study of the theory's field. To be useful, the theory should be all rounded, and to finalize any theory would extend beyond a fixed period of time, hence, many theories need elaboration and/or amendment.

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