Determinants of Contemporary Islamic Educational Theory Design

Dr. Muhanna Muhammad Ibrahim Ghanayim
Faculty of Education, King Faisal University, Ihsa

Education is the main bulwark in the progress and development of any society. This can be achieved if education arises from the realities of that society and is adjusted to its soil, atmosphere and culture, and not borrowed, imported or transplanted from another unsuitable soil.

Every society has a social philosophy in which it believes, and by which its is guided and in light of which it prepares its members. It is scientists, thinkers and leaders of opinion in a society who can translate this social philosophy into an educational philosophy which directs education and thereby leads the society to progress and development

An educational system, in terms of objectives, programs, curricular activities and attitudes .. etc., reflects the educational theories, opinions and ideas which are adopted and believed by scientists, thinkers and leaders of social opinion.

For this reason, the educational system in Muslim and Arab societies is a reflection of the Islamic education ·theory in light of which the composite elements of the educational process may be formulated in terms of objectives, content, teaching methods, teacher training etc; for the educational system is not stagnant but has a power which enables it to choose a certain alternative from among several others wherewith to face pressures or outside powers or the internal creative powers.

It is possible, therefore, to renovate and change the educational system when we have defined some determinants in light of which a contemporary Islamic theory is prepared and then reflected, in turn, on this system affecting all its aspects and achieving its objectives desired by Islamic and Arab societies.


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