Effect of the Absence of Islamic Education on Child Problems

Dr. Muhammad Uqlah Ibrahim
Faculty of Sharia, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan 

The child is a simple living being and, therefore, has to be carefully dealt with in terms of sound educational bases. This will ensure for him a normal personality which makes him balanced in all his actions and saves him from being a victim of problems· under various circumstances.

One of the singular teachings of Islam in this field is the choice of the child's mother in accordance with general considerations the core of which are equality, and mental as well as spiritual harmony. Thus, the child's education in Islam precedes his birth and covers the period when he is a foetus. It continues after birth by confirming his right to upbringing, feeding and care by both parents. The neglect of these factors by the contemporary family has led to deprivation, homelessness and loss suffered by childhood in our time.

The Islamic outlook of the child in the field of integrated education is distinguished by making children's upbringing or education a moral obligation not a mere humanitarian action. It is a religious duty rising from the Muslim's faith and belief that the child is also a servant of Allah and a trust placed by Him under the parents' care. They deserve reward if they fulfilled their duty well, and will be punished in the hereafter if they do not observe it appropriately.

According to the directions and legislation of Islam, there is a special pattern of education which would mould the child's personality since his early days. This is outlined by a series of injunctions and meritorious actions which surround the child's life after birth. They pivot around having Allah, His Messenger and His Book as a basis of love and a practical formulation of behavior in the first place. Such a pure spirit permeates the stage of later childhood through directing the child towards Islamic religious observances and good manners in various fields of life.





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