A Guide to Islamic Rooting of Education

Dr. Miqdad Yelcin
School of Social Sciences, Imam Mohammad Bin Saud Islamic University-Riyadh

This type of work may look easy by title, and may pass as an achievement with minimum effort. But the fact remains that trying to identify books and published and unpublished papers, then listing them according to title or according to names of researchers in alphabetical order is a job that needs a lot of effort and that is also time censuring.

Among the difficulties is in fact that researches in this field have grown lately and are still increasing rapidly. By the time you finish cataloguing what is known to you, new papers and researches are written, and you have to start again.

Another difficulty is to obtain information from research centers and publishing houses abroad. There are many studies in the western world, in addition to those in the Muslim world.

I tried hard to get the necessary information from within Saudi Arabia and outside, and from Arab, Islamic and Western countries, but I admit that this study is incomplete, and will not be completed soon. Anyhow what was available for me is useful for researchers. And it is not wise to wait for completion, because this would be difficult even on the Islamic world level. I also claim that this study is the most complete todate.

Information on some references is also incomplete, because it was received in this manner, or completed at a later stage. For example, we get an unpublished study that was published later, after this study was completed.

I thought it would be better to present what was available to me, and carry on with my plans, adding new information each year. Forthcoming is a conference on Islamic education, to be held in Amman, Jordan (5-9 Muharram 1411 A.H.).

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