A Critique of Contemporary Educational Knowledge: Aims and Frameworks

Interests and concerns of educational knowledge revolve around man .and, his construction. This knowledge affects thought, behavior, and civilizational effectiveness or ineffectiveness: The arena of the Arab and Islamic educational knowledge is teeming with numerous intellectual trends, which may agree; or conflict with one another. This is obvious in the differences and-confusion that are reflected in the thought. and behavior of, the Arab individual, which necessitates the revision and evaluation of all the ideas put forward, because evaluation may  generate  new ideas which may be worthy of adoption and application.

The consequences and daily coexistence of the product of educational practice dictate the need for analysing and evaluating the trends of prevalent educational knowledge. The· absence of this continuous critical and analytical view of the theses of educational thought has led to several unfavorable consequences e. g., like the mediocre educational achievement vis a vis the aspirations related to the role of education, and the disappearance of mutual response between reality and thought.

If we also consider the prevalent intellectual habits closely related to critical practice such as mental lethargy, hasty judgments, lack of methodical means and lack of a comprehensive, clear view of educational knowledge, a critical practice then imposes itself for laying the foundation of a vision committed to strict scientific methodology which takes this into account as well as the problems and consequences of the present reality.


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