Some Basic Characteristics of Islamic Education- With Reference to the Message of Jal«l al-Dân Rëmâ

Yakü bâä o yakü gà o yakü d«ä
Badâä khatm «mad aÄl o far‘ i âm«ä

(See but the One, say but the One, know but the One,
For in this is sealed the root and branches of faith.)

Islam is the religion of unity (al-tawÁâd) which is both the principle and goal of all things essentially Islamic. This truth is most evident in the case of education that in its widest sense is the goal of the religion itself. Islam sees the human being as being comprised of many faculties and possessing levels of existences from the physical to the spiritual. Nevertheless, he possesses a unity and wholeness that all authentic manifestations of the principle of Islamic education have sought to address. In other words the subject of Islamic education must be the whole of man.

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