Gender Studies

A Proposed Outline for the Short course of Gender Studies

BIIT is working for developing curriculum on Gender Issue.The 1st meeting of the Gender &Women Studies group was held on 11th February, 2008. M. Abdul Aziz, Deputy Executive Director of BIIT presided over the meeting.
In the meeting, reform of existing committee by including new member was discussed primarily. Members in the meeting proposed the following names-

* Dr. U. A. B. Razia Akter Banu
* Mr. Mahmudul Hasan
* Dr. Abul Hossain
* Dr. S.M. Ali Akkas 
* Ms. Masuda M. Rashid
* Lawyers, related to women &Gender studies
* Other curriculum related persons.

Regarding the curriculum development, members suggested the following points-

  1. Collection of curriculum & syllabus of private, public, and govt. & non-govt. organization related to gender & women studies. Some proposed organizations are-
    * Dhaka University –
    -Dept. of Gender Women studies
    -Dept. of Development studies
    -Dept. of Psychology
    -Dept. of Social Welfare
    -IER * North South University
    * State University
    * Democracy Watch 
    *Women for Women 
    *Action Aids  
    BIIT collected the curriculum and course outline accordingly.     
  2. b)  Update of reference list for a complete module & training  materials.
  3. c)  Identification of Scope.
    _  This revised curriculum will be implemented/ proposed in  different public and private universities.
    _  Training, short courses, workshops will be organised for  ddifferent GO/ NGO. We can also give some source/ input  to lawyers.
  4. d)  Besides, two course outlines of gender & women studies,  developed by Ms. Kaniz Fatima & Mr. Mahmudul Hasan  were also presented in brief.


Outline Course: Women Issues

  1.  Creation, Equality and Dualism from Quranic Perspective
    2.  Fundamental Equality between Men and Women: What does  Islam say about it?
    3.  Women as Individuals: Spiritual Aspects
    4.  Women as Individuals: Economic Aspect
    5.  Women as Individuals: Social Aspect
    6.  Women as Individuals: Political Aspect
    7.  Marriage Related Issues: Islamic Perspectives (Bangla and  English)
    8.  Rights and Responsibilities of a Wife: Islamic Perspectives  (Bangla and English)
    9.  Dissolution of marriage
    10.  Dissolution of Marriage and child custody 
    11.  Chastising Women: A Means to Resolve Marital Problems?  (Bangla and English)
    12.  Polygamy
    13.  Woman as Witness

Remarks by Dr. S. M. Ali Akkas

Assalamualaikum. Thanks to Ms. Kanij Fatima and also to BIIT for their effort. We have to grasp the issue seriously as it is a UN issue. Secretary General of UN are preparing for this isssue. South East University is providing the course. Literature & publication of Women for Women, Islamic Research Burue can be helpful. Dr. Mahmuda Islam of Sociology is working for modern approach of Gender Issue.You may also be benefitted from her. Again Thanks to BIIT & Dr. Omar Hasan Kasule.

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