The History of Islam: New Directions

History is very important from the ideological and educational standpoint in addition to its importance as a discipline of knowledge and as information. The Qur’an teaches us, “Indeed in the stories of these men, there is a lesson for those who can think.” [12:111] Educationally, then, for the new generations and ideologically for those who are committed to Islam as a way of life, it is very important to get the message of history which enlightens us in dealing with contemporary circumstances.

Is it more correct to say Islamic history or Muslim history? Each description has its pros and cons. When you say “Islamic history“ you care more about commitment to Islam and assessment according to Islamic criteria, since not everything which happened in the past or happens at present on the Islamic scene can really be considered Islamic. Historical events should be evaluated under such a term according to Islam whether they are social, cultural, political or economic.

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