Islamization of Knowledge

Revelation and Political Philosophy: What Is Islamization of Knowledge?

This is a "work in progress" presentation based on research I am now conducting about the development of Islamic political philosophy during the classical period of Islam. My contention is that a better understanding of that tradition puts the current debate about Islamic fundamentalism or resurgence into a new perspective. Behind the sensational, popular demands for greater adherence to the strictures of the revealed law of Islam lies an issue of fundamental importance: how divine revelation is to be understood and interpreted for political guidance. Those who developed Islamic political philosophy spoke directly to this issue and did so in a manner that merits the attention of contemporary Muslim activists, scholars interested in Islam, and thoughtful human beings in general. They thought clearly about the relationship between religious belief and political practice because they addressed the issue directly and without preconceptions. Consequently, whatever our religious and cultural origins, we can benefit greatly from their teaching.

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