Islamization of Knowledge

Shariati and the Reconstruction of Social Sciences

Ali Shariati was a Muslim reformer who laid much of the intellectual groundwork for the Iranian revolution of 1979. His inspiring speeches and written works aroused the people, particularly the students, to the state, where they were easily mobilized by Khomeini and his co-workers. Killed by the Shah’s agents in London in 1977, he is still remembered as a great martyr to their cause. His ideas on the nature of Islam are of interest to us today. Ali Shariati was born in 1933 in the village of Mazinan near Sabzawar in Khurasan, Iran. He came from a family whose members were known for their scholarship, knowledge, and righteousness. He attended the Teacher’s Training School, and taught in high school for some years before pursuing graduate work in Europe. He was also active in his father’s Center for the Propagation of Islamic Truth.

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