The Problem of Bias: An Epistemological Approach and Call for Ijtihad

The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) is pleased to sponsor this important seminar, as its topic and objectives, the nature of the issues to be raised, and the points of view represented by the scholarly participants and their papers are of vital concern to the Islamic world. Through its participation, the institute has opened a new chapter for academic activity and intellectual jihad, particularly in Arabic and Islamic cultural circles.

As the institute joins the Union of Egyptian Engineers (UEE) in this pioneering intellectual effott, it seeks to articulate its third objective as regards the reform of the methodology of Islamic thought: the Islamization of knowledge in order to build a new Islamic cultural order and lead the ummah to the most beneficial ways of overcoming its backwardness.

Moreover, as the IIIT joins the UEE in this undertaking, it seeks to exonerate itself from the charge that it is biased in favor of theoretical thinking and thus insensitive to the applied sciences. While this is the impression that might be given by the institute's publications and statements, the truth is that these are indicative only of its priorities and have nothing to do with bias.

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