The Closing of the Door of Ijtihad and the Application of the Law'

  • Published in Law

This panel's center of gravity is Islamic legal theory and doctrine, particularly usul a lfiqh. In this room are many of the West's leading scholars in this field. This puts me out of step, for my work leads me to study fiqh and usul al fiqh chiefly from the viewpoint of their application, an approach that is the result of spending several years in Saudi Arabia studying the role of fiqh and the ulema in the Islamic legal system. I wish to submit, however, that there are a number of doctrinal problems to which a study of the law's application and practice or, in other words, a study of the legal system, stands to contribute a great deal. The closing of the door of ijtihad, which I intend to discuss, is such an issue.

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