Presentation on the Discipline of Law & Islamic Juriprudence

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The recommendations are:

  1. Scholars should continue to study Islamic law to understand its nature and scope and to enquire into the applicability of Islamic law in modern era.
  2. Education system is to be reviewed to incorporate in to the curriculum Islamic values and norms suited for the present day needs of the society.
  3. Educating the Muslim society on their rights and obligations should be promoted. It should be encouraged through a campaign of awareness in electronic and print media.
  4. A lot of research and development activities in such areas as judiciary, finance, political thought, administration etc should be carried out. 
  5. All universities and institutes of higher learning should include teachings of Islam, in general, and Islamic law and jurisprudence, in particular, in the syllabus of the Faculty of Law.
  6. Diploma and some short courses on Islamic Law and Jurisprudence can be introduced in universities and recognized research organizations. Some of these courses can be conducted for the Judges, lawyers, law teachers and other faculties.
  7. Subjects of Islamic law, taught in Islamic educational institutes like Alia and Qawmi Madrasha and Islamic Centers, should be reviewed and all modern researches and books in this regard should be taught in the Madrasha.
  8. The government may constitute an Islamic Law Commission to review the existing laws in the light of Islam and amend those as soon as possible.
  9. Muslim community needs many more scholars having expertise in the nusus (the texts) of the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah as well as the waqaa (context) to meet the challenges of our time and those of the coming phases. Ijtihad should be made applicable in the practical and modern issues. If individual efforts of Ijtihad fail to meet the needs of ummah, then collective Ijtihad should be made where several scholars from various disciplines will take part with a view to reaching a good, authentic and successful result.
  10. Human rights should be fully ensured in all respects in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah.
  11. In framing any law the objectives of Islamic Shariah should be taken into consideration.
  12. In the context of Bangladesh an Islamic Fiqh Academy may be established to cater to the needs of various contemporary issues.  
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