The curriculum reform of B.A honours and M.A Syllabus of Bengali Literature of Islamic University, Kushtia. Bangladesh.

Paper presented at a workshop on Islamic Epistemology & Curriculum Reform
2-3 May, 2008, Islamic University Kustia

We believe in reforming the curriculum in Islamic approach. Islam means peace. It also means self-surrender to the world’s creator. There are two kinds of deeds in this universe, one is god and another is bad, i.e. abusive and bad instinctive. We must maintain our sex-life formally and ethically with having a marriage. This claims now bitterly in western civilization. We have a life here and hereafter. We should admit that all good knowledge is the knowledge of the creator. We should defeat the satanic knowledge. All ethical knowledge is not only Islamic but for the welfare of all religions.

  1. b) B.A Honours Syllabus of Bengali literature

Session: 2007-2008
Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh.

Course No.1 03: Ancient and Medieval Bengali Poetry.

Charjapad, edited by Dr. Mohammad Shahidullah is named as Buddhist mystic songs. Kannapa is the most powerful poet of Charjapad, the first proof of Bengali poetry. Kannapa was sorry to observe that some men are coming to the world and another are going back from it. His thus thinking is creator- centred and here works the sensation of truth & the final goal of humankind. So, his poetry may be furnished as the creators goal-related sentiment.

Baru Chandidus has written Srikrishnakirtan, a medieval poetry, edited by Basantaronjon Ray. It is taught in universities as a love story of Radha and Krishna, a physical love story only. But we get in veda that a sinner does not get success in his work We get this information in Srikrishanakitran’s ‘Biroha Khonda’, the Sub-chapter 39. Krishna is a God of the Hindus. He believes in Brahma, the unique creator. Krishna was very much devoted for the love of the creator that he denied to had a sex to Radha. Thus the informal & unethical sex performance was forbidden in this poetry. This outlook of ethical and lawful love and relationship is very much accepted in Islamic epistemology.

Vaisnab Podaboli (The Vaisnab Poetry) is not only written by Biddapoti; chandidas or others but also written by Alaol and Syed Sultan and more other Muslim Poets. The outlook of these Muslim Poets are very much Allah related. They expressed their deep love to the prophet of Islam, Hazrat Mohammad (Sm) & the creator, Allah. So, these poetry may be discussed according to the epistemology of Islam.

Here is an essay written by Bangkim Chandra Chatterjee, named as Biral (The Cat). The essay is about the equity of man. The poor must not be depressed. This outlook is very much accepted by Islamic law and order. Bangkim, himself was very much religious person. Religion my be various kinds; but we should think seriously that the creator is one.

Promoth Chowdhury’s joydeb is an essay. In that essay the essayist denied the abuseness. Islam also is interested of forbidding abuseness.

Course: 207: Folklore Theory and Folk-literature.
Lalon shah is a very powerful mystic poet of Bengal. Rabindranath, the noble   aureate, was influenced by Lalon’s mysticism. Lalon told in one of his song tbat he and Lalon stay in one room but the distance is Lac miles between them. Lalon himself and his soul itself is also very much connected and co-related with each other. The soul bears the proof and immortality of the creator, himself. So, Lalon’s songs may be analysed at the outlook of the creator of the Universe.

Course 302: Modern Bengali Poetry-2
Jibanananda Das is a very genious modem Bengali poet. We find in his poetry, existentialism, Surrealism & Imagism movement’s philosophy. He is an alienated poet. But in ‘Dhusar Pandulipi’ (The Yellow Manuscript) he stated that ( in the poem camp) we are like the dead deer which are in the spring’s moonlit atmosphere. Our consciousness is dead. We should make alive our consciousness. This poet tells in another poem that the men who deem great truth & rule as true, their hearts are the food of vultures and swines. So, Jibonananda expects for the truth & betterment of the world. So, His poetry may be discussed as Islamic epistemology.

Sudhindranath Dutta is called as an aethiest poet of Bengal by the critic. But It can be proved that he had craving for being a believer. He told one of his poem that “Return me the deep belief of my predecessors”. He was a poet & Philosopher. He thought about life very deeply & analysed it in his poetry very elaborately. So, his poetry may be considered as a poet of believer, like Rabindranath or Omiya Charkabarti.

Course: 308: The classical literature (Translation)
Sophocles’s Edipus tragedy is a text of this course. Edipus wanted to discover the truth. But at the last, we see that, he had married her mother and had her children from his mother’s womb & he killed his father. He did not want to do that. His fate was thus, it is called Greek – fate- theory. But when he knew that he was the defaulter, he made his eyes blind and went to the forest admitting the result of his unknown sin. So, Edipus had a craving for honest and sin-free life. So, This tragedy may be taken as the element of Islamic epistemology.

Rubait-e-Omar Khiyam is considered generally as a joyful & abuse poems. But ctually it is not thus. Khaiyam told to make a friendship with the wise; not with the wrongdoers. So, Rubaiyat’s should be discussed as an ethical perspective.

Course 401: Modem Bengali Poetry-3
Farrukh Ahmed is a poet of Bengal Muslim Renaissance. Sat Sagorer Majhi (The boatman of Seven Sea) is taught in this curriculum. In a poem Nishan (The flag) farrukh fells that we are bearing the dead heart by losing our believed soul and we are the followers of only the bad instinct. He saw the pride and prestigious gate of Hera- Mountain where the prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon Him) was in the love of Allah. All of his poems are value-riched and very much centred to the love of creator & prophet of Islam. So, All of Farrukh’s poems must be taken as the token of Islamic epistemology.
Course 402: The literature ofRabindranath Tagore: First Part

Here Manoshi (The lover) and Sonar Tari (The Golden boat) the two poetry are taught. Rabindranath feels in his poem Surdaher prarthona (The prayer of Suradas) that we should must be sin free at the time of our prayer. Our eye-sight must be sin-less at the time of observing the naked Goddess. His poetry is full of truth, beauty & welfare of humanity. So, Tagore’s poetry may be considered as Islamic epistemology, because he had the believe in one creator; as we know that he was the follower of Brahma Religions.

Course: 408: The Philosophical Tradition of Bengal.
Lalon shah, Hasan Raja, Pagla Kanai- These three mystic poets are taught in this syllabus. They had deep love and devotion for their creator. Rammohan Ray, Bibekanada and Philosopher Gobinda Chandra Dev are also included of this Syllabus. They expressed their philosophy of love towards both humanity and the creator of the world. Their philosophy is believers Philosophy like Aristotle, Plato & Socrates. So, their essay must be discussed as Islamic epistemology.

  1. b) Syllabus of M.A. of Bengali Literature

Session -2006-2007 Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh.
Here Kazi Nazrul Islam, the revolt poet of Bengal, Jasim Uddin, The village poet of Bengal & Jibanananda Das’s poetry are included in the Syllabus. I have given reason about Jibanananda Das earlier (for honours syllabus) for his belief and love for humanity to teach his poetry as Islamic epistemology, NazruI wrote many Islamic Songs in Bengal. Nazrul told in his poem “Sammobadi”(The equity) to search the creator in the immortal heart’s of the man. Socrates, the Greek philosopher also told to ‘know thyself’. Thus Nazrul’s philosophy is also the philosophy of human soul. This poet’s poetry belongs many elements of Islamic epistemology.

Course: 504: The literature of Rabindranath
In Seshlekha (The last writing) Rabindranath told that the truth is tough; but I loved truth; because truth never betray. In Gitanjoli, Tagore bow down his head towards the creator. In his savvatar Sangkat(The crisis of civilization) essay he believed that a great man will born from our east to save the world humanity. Rabindranath Philosophy was very much dedicated to the creator’s will. There are various religion in the world. But the creator of the all religion is the same. To love not only the human being, but also the all creatures of the world, is man’s principal duty. Men must work for the welfare of the humanity. They should avoid abuse deeds. This is connected with the revealed knowledge. The creator has created us. So, we should follow the path of revealed knowledge. As the meaning of Islam is self-surrender to the creator, a man who admit his creator and surrendered to him may bear any kind of Religion but he carries the essence of Islam. So, all the believers of any religions bear with him actually Islamic epistemology.

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