Islamization of English Discipline at the Tertiary Level: An Overview

Paper presented at a workshop on Islamic Epistemology & Curriculum Reform 
2-3 May, 2008 at Islamic University Kustia
As Muslims, our prime duty is to lead our life solely for the cause of Allah. But in Bangladesh, we witness that a secular educational system has prevailed over our religious faith and culture. A big gap has been created between what we believe and what we learn. As a result, we are deviated far away from religious path and beliefs. This, in reality, is nothing but a reflection of the world order of the present day. With the legacy of the crusaders and imperialist hegemony, the Westerners consider Islam and the Muslims as a threat to their modern civilization. Consequently, they have been launching a campaign against the mindset and practices of the Muslims and have become successful in engraving the idea in the Muslim psyche that their mental structure, heritage and culture is incapable of keeping pace with the modern civilization. They have employed a number of scholars, researchers and their disciples even among the Muslims to realize some breakthrough in the Muslim world which resulted, ultimately, in inventing the idea of the 'Clash of Civilization'. But the Muslims living in the labyrinth of the Western propaganda are failing to resume their own beliefs and cultural identity and going astray from the path of Allah. They have become helpless target of the intellectual and cultural aggression of the Western world. At the other extreme of this reality, the Western world bored with earthly pleasure and luxury on the one hand, and with the ideas of Freudism, Existentialism and Liberalism on the other, are failing to find out meaning of life. This, according to Taha Jabir Al-'Alwani (2005), is the outcome of their decadent thought which caused intellectual and epistemological deconstructionism. To him, if the modernist thought had already deconstructed religion and the universe, the post-modernist thought had, in fact, deconstructed 'Man'! And the deconstruction is still ongoing, which shows the depth and enormity of the modern era's crisis of meaning and the dire necessity of exploring a transcendental systematic alternative outlook so as to help Man reconstruct the deconstructed . Only the divine writ of the Holy Qur'an 'as the ultimate source of transcendental systematic wisdom'  can show the way to emerge from this spiritual wasteland. Therefore, reintroduction of the Holy Qur'anic teachings is a dire necessity in the present world to save not only the Muslims from their underdevelopment but also the whole mankind.

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