Curriculum Reform Series : Islamization of Knowledge -- Language and Literature

  1. Introduction

Islam emphasizes right behavior for good life in this world and happiness in life hereafter. The education system supported by Islam should serve to achieve Islam as a complete code of life for its followers individually and collectively. So Islamic education system does not admit of any dualism, secular versus spiritual, where as the western system of education does not recognize spiritual at all. Islamization of knowledge is indispensable for removing dualism in the educational system. Before Muslims went into decline, they had developed the disciplines and had established and clarified the relevance of Islam and its comprehensive world view and values to each disciplines. They successfully integrated the disciplines into main corpus of Islamic knowledge. They contributed greatly in all fields and they utilized the new knowledge efficiently to their advantage. But today, non-Muslims are the masters of all the disciplines. In the universities of the Muslim world, non-Muslim books, achievements, world-view, problems and ideals are currently being taught to Muslim youths. So the vision of Islam is needed to defend the whole people against alien ideologies invading their consciousness. And to do it we need an education system in which the curriculum of every department is based upon Islamic values, principles and objectives.

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