Religion and Islamic Studies

Book Review: Muhammad Asad: His contribution to Islamic learning.

A number of studies on Muhammad Asad have been published over the past years in the form of journal articles and online texts. But there has not been any extensive study of his ideas and works to date. Therefore, Andrabi’s book, which is based on his Ph.D. thesis, is a welcome addition to the life and works of Muhammad Asad (Leopold Weiss).  Andrabi’s book under review consists of six chapters. In the first chapter, the author shares his thoughts on Asad’s life before his conversion from Judaism to Islam. It successfully chronicles Asad’s experiences in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan while serving the governments of these countries. One of the major shortcomings of this chapter, indeed the book is that it lacks a theoretical framework, which could have been used to assess Asad’s general contributions as a Muslim intellectual.

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